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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

4 Steps to consider in the event of a Water Damage Emergency

THE 4 RULES when it comes to Water Damage in buildings:

1          THINK SAFETY.  You should always be cautious of water around electrical circuitry, also be careful that you do not slip or fall as some surfaces gain the ability to become very slippery.  Watch water around electrical outlets, take precautions to avoid electricity related accidents.  In some cases shut the breakers off in the wet areas.

2           TURN OFF SOURCE OF WATER.   With the aid of a professional plumber, we can discover and repair the source of the water leak or leaks if that is applicapable.  This step is critical as to make sure the damage is mitigated properly.

3           PROTECT / REMOVE   MANAGEABLE FURNITURE.  In the event you have your contents or personal belongings come into contact with moisture, it is very important that the items are moved to a safe dry area in order to prevent further damage to such items as textiles, and stain grade wood products.

4           CALL US IMMEDIATELY AT 406-274-4168.  The safe and proper restoration of your property depends upon fast action and choosing a dependable and experienced restoration firm.    In just a few moments after water intrusion moisture sensitive surfaces will swell and lose shape. Paper goods may peel and curl and transferable furniture stains, which are usually permanent, will appear on the carpeting.
In only a few hours drywall will soften and warp. Wooden furniture can become discolored and swollen leaving it permanently damaged. Carpeting can separate from its backing (called delamination) resulting in a total loss.
In just 24 hours fungi and bacteria may begin to grow and rapidly flourish. Foul and unpleasant odors will usually begin to permeate the entire building structure. Hardwood floors may become completely ruined due to warping.

So if you experience a flood or water damage of ANY size, call Damage Control LLC. We will quickly return your life and home or business back to pre-loss condition. Guaranteed.