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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our latest success story

I want to share our latest success story that came from last week.  I was called to a job site of a home owner who was a little paniced.  She was telling me about the her situation.  What she was describing to me sounded very bleak, very dismal.  Her basement had accumulated nearly 150 gallons of water over night from a broken pipe.  I explained to her that we would be there as quickly as possible.  Upon arrival I inspected her home. I noted the following details about what I had seen.  There was glue down carpet, on a concrete floor, the walls were constructed with 5/8 drywall, and pine tongue and groove wood panels on the wall.  Visually you could see the water wicking up the pine, almost 2 feet in some areas.  There was no distortion of shape from the moisture yet, so I knew we could save it.  All in all, this sturcture had absorbed quite a bit of moisture, and risked the potential of further damage if not properly dealt with.
After I inspected the details, I came up with a game plan and presented it to the home owner for her review, and blessing, before I began my work.  She expressed great joy and pleasure in hearing that I could dry it out, and not tear any of the building material out.  It was then that she explained to me that she already had one of my competitors there that morning and they told her the wood panels needed to be removed and possibly the drywall as well to make sure it was dry. She didnt want to hear that, so she kicked them out of her house. That made my emotions stir inside me, I wanted to proove our worth, and dry the structure completely with out any demolition.  These were good people, honest folks who worked hard for what they have.  This other restoration company had brought up the "m" word in saying, "we need to tear the wood panels off to make sure there is no mold in your home."  I just do not like when they try to scare the home owners like this.
With the application of Direct Heat, and forced air, and properly applied techniques, we can do neat things.  I set Etes, and proper ventalation, with dehumidification.  I took readings, charted the moisture, and used the various moisture meters to test the moisture content of the sill plate as well as the rest of the building materials in the home. I took some Flir images to provide a visual assurance that we found all the wet areas.   I checked the job twelve hours later, and was very happy with the progress.  By the 36th hour of drying, the project was completely dry.  With carefully calculated tactics, and properly applied scientific principles, we saved this home, and kept the project from having unneeded demolition.  Not to mention the trouble the home owners would have with a construction site instead of a comfortable home..... 

This is what we do, this is how we are set apart from the rest of the other companies that offer restorative services in our area. 

Simply put, this defines us; 
Damage Control

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

4 Steps When A Flood Occurs In Your Home

1.  Think Safety! Identify any potential hazards. Remember, wet surfaces are slippery.
2. Find the source of water intrusion and stop it, if possible.
3.  Remove any sensitive, personal, or valuable items from wet areas.
4. Call Damage Control LLC  (406) 274-4168.  24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week, we stand ready to serve you.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Water damage in a home or business can be devastating. Damage Control strives to assist our clients with compassion, dedication, and a commitment to provide the highest level of customer service. It is our mission to restore each property to "pre-loss" condition in a comprehensive, cost-effective manner so that life can return to normal as quickly as possible.

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