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Monday, May 30, 2011

High Waters, Rivers Flooding..

As the National Weather Service calls it "a sensational runoff" this spring, our rivers and streams are on the rise.  This whole state of Montana is affected by high waters.  The eastern part is under water, the western part is headed that way.  Schools have been land locked with students trapped inside by flood waters.  AND ITS ONLY JUST BEGUN..

Some homes in our area are already flooded from the Clark Fork River, these houses can use the title of the film  by Robert Redford "a River runs through it".  Others are sandbagging their properties in hopes to ward off the would be intruder.  What shall we do, what if the river rises and comes into our homes like an unwelcome guest?

Recent News headlines give plenty of warnings ; "Governor declares state of Emergency", "Flood waters taking over Missoula neighborhood". We could list many more headlines than this.

What are the concerns, and how can my house be safe again, live able again?  First off, we better listen to the health and wellness experts.  In a recent news article the County Health Dept. warned of contamination.  In their own words, they explained the following; "Flood waters can contaminate water systems like wells. Officials say you should use bottled water until your system is inspected and cleaned. For now this is only a warning for people however, several precautions should be taken if the water keeps rising."

It is necessary to think that the flood water is unsafe, and contaminated.  It is flowing over areas, that usually do not get water and picking up bacteria along the way.  As it affects our homes, and brings unwanted invaders, we need to be cautious and take necessary steps to clean up.  There are several things that need to be done once the flood water recedes. 
First call Damage Control LLC at (406)274-4168.  These are the steps our team will follow to restore your property:
     1. Remove as much water as possible.
     2. Remove any porous material that the water affected, ie. carpet & padding, furniture, etc.
     3. Remove building materials affected, ie. drywall, insulation, etc.
     4. Begin structural drying with the the aid of mechanical procedures, professional equipment.
     5. Deodorize and decontaminate, sanitation of the structure.
     6. Clearance test for microbiological contaminants, get a clean result
     7. Begin reconstruction phase.

These steps are what professional decontamination contractors and restorationists like ourselves use during large scale flooding all over the country.  This scale of flooding will not, WILL NOT, dry itself out.  You simply can not "leave the windows open" and let the building "air out" in this situation.

Our response team will be ready, the minute the river level stabilizes.  Damage Control's disaster response crews are ready, willing and able to save your property and return it to its comfortable condition.  After all, your home is your castle, and we will return it to that condition as you expect.

Remember, we provide a no obligation evaluation free of charge.

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