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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What about water and pipes in freezing temperatures?❄

Cold comes each winter and with it, frozen pipes! This leaves some unanswered questions: What can I do to prevent it? What do I do if I discover a frozen pipe? What if my pipe bursts?

Say it how ever you want to, but prevention is the best remedy. Many things can be done to prevent freeze breaks. If you have a crawl space for example, make sure vents are closed. Inspect the pipes to make sure the insulation is in its proper place protecting pipes from cold temps. If there are shut offs for hose bibs, make sure you turn them off inside.
If your home has a basement make sure all weather proofing has been done properly.

In all cases know where your water shut off is for water coming into your home. I suggest everyone in the home knows where the shutoff is and how to use it.

What if you find a frozen pipe? Hopefully it has not ruptured. If not, you are still in good shape. Go to the faucet or outlet where the pipe drains and open it slowly to allow water to trickle out. Add low levels of heat to slowly thaw the line. As the low levels of heat come into contact with the frozen pipe, the water will drain. Follow up by protecting the pipe from cold, make any repairs to the structure that allowed cold air in there. Have a plumber inspect.

What if the pipe already burst? Get the water turned off immediately. Protect any belongings by getting as much off the floor as you can. Ultimately You are going to need help.
Call Damage Control LLC as soon as you can at 406-274-4168. Time is important when it comes to preventing further damages to your home.

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