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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Secondary Damage vs. Primary Damage

The 2 most common ways to describe damage that has occurred during a water damage incident are Primary damage and Secondary damage.  These types of damage can come at any time of year.  Lets examine the two words and define them.

1.  Primary Damage;  a phrase that is used to describe the result after moisture establishing contact with material that permanently compromise the materials.  These materials are common to indoor environments, such as wood, drywall, carpet, personal contents, fabric, etc.

2.  Secondary Damage; a phrase used to describe the negative affects on materials from prolonged exposure to moisture in an indoor environment.   Secondary damage is most likely to occur in hygroscopic materials when the humidity nears 60% and is maintained for any period of time.  Some examples of hygroscopic material include but are not limited to the following; wood, natural fibers, yarns, fabric, paper, drywall, ceiling tiles, cellulosic insulation, etc.  Some building materials will be permanently distorted or compromised due to the negative effects of secondary damage, resulting in a greatly expanding scope of damage and a negative impact on the pocket book of the one who is stuck paying the bill.  Not only does this include physical distortion of building materials, but add the the microbial growth potential to the equation.

As stated in previous posts, response time is critical.  Along with speed is the need to be accurate.  We equip ourselves with the latest technological advanced in moisture detection equipment so as to see it all.  We simply can not miss a wet spot, that is crucial to a quick dry, a healthy dry.

We constantly find mold growth in buildings that were not properly dried following a water intrusion.  The spring time subjects us to heat influxes between the day and night.  Also we are faced with many different potential water damage sources.  Be it ground water, rain, snow, hail, river, etc.  water wants into your dry structure at all costs.  If you are faced with this situation, act now.

If you suspect that you are the victim of water damage, Call Damage Control today @ 406-274-4168 for an immediate response...  In this case speed kills, kills bacteria and spores that is..

Thursday, April 19, 2012

No obligation consultation

Yes, I typed it properly.  No obligation consultation..!!  Free estimate?  Yes..!

Why in this economy with gas prices sky rocketing with no end in sight would we come to your location and look at your water damage or mold issue for free?  Please allow me to explain.

It is no secret that in a service related business, the focus should be on the home owner.  Industries are tailored to teaching and mastering the craft of customer service.  It is essential that we establish a good relationships before we begin a job.  By meeting the home owner or decision maker gives us the opportunity to do so.  It is better for all involved if the relationship of owner and service company is established before one tool is brought into the home.

By coming to your location and performing an inspection we can accurately determine the proper course of action needed to restore your property to its clean, pre water damage condition.  With in a few minutes it will be evident of the service professional is going to meet your needs or if you should move on to another company.  That should be done with out you spending a penny.

By giving you a free, no obligation estimate, we get to showcase our talents to you.  I feel that it is my opportunity to perform my art, my skill, my craft.  If you feel comfortable by what we say, than we can move forward with the next phase of restoring your home or building, the contract...

The last point I want to make regarding coming to give you a free estimate is simple.  We are basically applying for a job.  We want you to know what we are capable of and how we can help your property be clean and beautiful once again.  Have you ever charged an employer to apply for a job?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

4 Steps to consider in the event of a Water Damage Emergency

THE 4 RULES when it comes to Water Damage in buildings:

1          THINK SAFETY.  You should always be cautious of water around electrical circuitry, also be careful that you do not slip or fall as some surfaces gain the ability to become very slippery.  Watch water around electrical outlets, take precautions to avoid electricity related accidents.  In some cases shut the breakers off in the wet areas.

2           TURN OFF SOURCE OF WATER.   With the aid of a professional plumber, we can discover and repair the source of the water leak or leaks if that is applicapable.  This step is critical as to make sure the damage is mitigated properly.

3           PROTECT / REMOVE   MANAGEABLE FURNITURE.  In the event you have your contents or personal belongings come into contact with moisture, it is very important that the items are moved to a safe dry area in order to prevent further damage to such items as textiles, and stain grade wood products.

4           CALL US IMMEDIATELY AT 406-274-4168.  The safe and proper restoration of your property depends upon fast action and choosing a dependable and experienced restoration firm.    In just a few moments after water intrusion moisture sensitive surfaces will swell and lose shape. Paper goods may peel and curl and transferable furniture stains, which are usually permanent, will appear on the carpeting.
In only a few hours drywall will soften and warp. Wooden furniture can become discolored and swollen leaving it permanently damaged. Carpeting can separate from its backing (called delamination) resulting in a total loss.
In just 24 hours fungi and bacteria may begin to grow and rapidly flourish. Foul and unpleasant odors will usually begin to permeate the entire building structure. Hardwood floors may become completely ruined due to warping.

So if you experience a flood or water damage of ANY size, call Damage Control LLC. We will quickly return your life and home or business back to pre-loss condition. Guaranteed.